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Create Channel


If the server has granted you sufficient permissions (check menu Info, Show Permissions), you can create channels on the server. After clicking the menu item you are presented with a dialogue window. You must fill in a name for a channel. You optionally choose a Topic for your channel (which will show up in the right section of the all the clients connecting to your channel). The possibility of settings of the channel you are about to create are determined by the permissions on the server. If you want to allow only privileged persons in your channel you may set a password on it. Each channel you create can use a different codec, choose a codec that suits your needs (this is mainly a bandwidth issue, for example if the host the TeamSpeak server is on has lots of bandwidth you can choose one of the GSM codecs; if the host has a DSL connection with 256 kilobit upstream and he needs to host more than 14 people than you might be better off using one of the CELP codecs). In the description area you can type a message to your channel vistitors what your channel is about or maybe the latest news (it is restricted to 4095 characters). In the Max. Users box you can set the maximum users you want to allow to your channel. At flags you can check wether you want your channel to be Registered (which means it will stay on the server permanently, otherwise the channel will disappear after the last person leaves that specific channel). If you check the moderated box only users that have specifically been given “voice” can talk in your channel, all others can listen only. Voice can be given by persons with the right permissions.

If you check Sub-Channels box, sub-channels are allowed to be created under your channel. This comes in handy when you have big teams in games which would communicate more efficient if broken up in groups. If you check the Default box your channel becomes the default channel which means that it is the first channel people come into when logging into your server (of course if they haven’t specified a channel while connecting). When you’re done with all the options you can press the Create Channel button to make the channel or Cancel to cancel the channel.