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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I set the codec I want to use?

A: You can not set your own codec as user. Instead, the client automaticly conforms to the codec that is set for the channel you are in. So, if the channel is set to CELP 5.1, you will send and recieve CELP 5.1 encoded data. So if you want a different codec, you need to edit the channel options.


Q: (Linux / ALSA) TS2 and q3 Don't work together on my SB live!

A:In some (or all?) alsa 0.9 modules it seems that it won't allow q3 to open the dsp in read/write mode after ts2 opened it. (I heard this reported for suse 8.0) You can try to get properly working modules from the alsa website. or try the default kernel drivers for the SB - Live (emu10k1)


Q:(Linux / ALSA) How do I get my cs46xx soundcard to work with ts during games?

A: (Note: this might be obsoleted soon, and work by default) alsa 0.9 from cvs + 2.4 19 works, but not multi channel by default. To get multi channel working (let ts2 and your game run at the same time), get a recent snapshot (or cvs) of alsa. Now you need to edit a file. Open the ~/alsa-cvs/alsa-driver/pci/cs46xx/Makefile file, and uncomment the lines under quote:


# Hack for new dsp flag


Now, with that done, back out to the ~/alsa-cvs/ directory, and run make as root (because it installs all the modules and stuff. There is no make install target.


Q: (Linux) How do i get quake3 (and other games) and ts to work on my SB pci 128?

A: There seem to be 2 working solutions. 1: the SB128 PCI card, running the older chip with the ES1370 (not 1371) modules from alsa, can run 2 dsp's. (/dev/dsp and /dev/adsp) Set teamspeak to use /dev/adsp and let the rest of the games use /dev/dsp (default) 2: (Note to sb live! users. DON'T use this. /dev/dsp1 routes to rear speakers) If you have a /dev/dsp0 AND a /dev/dsp1 then this might work: make a link /dev/dsp -> /dev/dsp1 this will ensure that all games use the playback-only device configure teamspeak to use your /dev/dsp0 This seems to work for a SB128 (ES1371). More information can be found on our forum. Use the search to find a more specific solution.


Q: (Windows) When I use teamspeak shift is pressed all the time (crouch problem in CS)

A: It seems using direct input and recording at the same time, causes a very weird bug in directX. There is a simple solution: disable the NUM-Lock !!! That will help. An other way is to disable TS using direct Input (Settings->options->other->Disable direct Input) but that prevents key interception in most games. (Altough that is not a problem if you don't use keybinds ingame and don't use push-to-talk) Don't ask why, but it is a known bug in other Voicetools, too.


Q: (Windows) My SB PCI 128 does not make ingame sounds when using ts2

A: This mostly occurs in win 98/me, using wave as output. The drivers can't handle more than 1 sound source. Set teamspeak to use direct sound as output driver. You might need to restart the TeamSpeak client to make it work.


Q: (Windows) My Soundblaster live/audigy makes a lot of static noise!

A: This occurs mostly on Windows XP. I still can't believe that creative always manages to write such bad drivers. In the forums people switching to project kx drivers seem to have solved the problem. Check this page for more info.


Q: (Windows) I can hear other people but they can't hear me!

A: It can be caused by a couple of things. Your mic might not be set to record in your windows mixer. You might be on Pust to Talk instead of Voice activated. You might be pressing the wrong buttons. You might not have permission to talk on your channel (not voiced in a moderated channel) or if you were really annoying all other people have muted you on their local machine. If you have onboard sound ( a sound chip integrated on your motherboard) you might need to set recording to 8 bit in the Settings - Options menu.


Q: Which ports does the TS2 client use?

A: The TS2 client uses 1 udp connection. It uses the whole 1024-65535 (udp) range for source port and sends to port 8767 (udp) unless indicated otherwise.


Q: TS2 client reboots or BSOD my winxp machine!

A: It seems winxp has some crappy usb drivers installed by default. Best known is drivers for logitech wingman joysticks, but other usb hardware can have this problem too. Solution: try to get the latest drivers for all the usb hardware connected to your pc.


Q: I have something to say to the TeamSpeak team

A: Please go to the forum and post it there or go to the irc channel at #teamspeak. If it doesn’t involve business please do not e-mail us.


Q: Will TeamSpeak stay freeware?

A: YES! If you are not using TeamSpeak commercially we won't charge you anything for it! Neither will we build in advertisements or make it shareware with trial versions. This program is for everybody and we enjoy it this way. Unless somebody offers millions of euro's for the application TeamSpeak will stay around a long time as freeware for everybody!


Q: Does TeamSpeak 2 contain spyware?

A: We will be honest with you. In a strict definition: yes it does. In order to get our statistics on current users making use of the TeamSpeak client, the client itself transmits some bits now and then to our webpage, ONLY for our statistical use. NO information about anything of your computer is send along. Just the fact that you are using TeamSpeak. This way we can have those nice charts at our homepage. It strikes our ego’s to see how many users are online (laugh). NO commercial stuff next to TeamSpeak is installed with the client. No extra software or applications are installed (apart from the codec libraries).


Q: Will there be a MAC version?

A: Yes. We are working on porting TeamSpeak to the MAC. However this requires us to completely rewrite the code in another programming language. As you might can imagine this is an enormous task. We cannot tell when this job will be done. Please do not send mails to us inquiring about the status. If there is something new to tell, we will post it in the news section on our homepage.


Q: My clan wants TeamSpeak to sponsor a server

A: At this point we do not sponsor any new clans anymore. Please do not send requests to us anymore.


Q: I am so happy with this program! I want to help the developpers get rich and send them money even though the program is freeware!

A: Please send a mail to: We will give you the information where to send your money to ;)

Or fill in at PayPal.


Q: I want to know more about the server and using TeamSpeak commercially

A: Please send an e-mail to: We will respond to all of your questions a.s.a.p.


Q: I want to know more about the TeamSpeak technology and possibly integrate it in an application

A: This is possible. We can provide several solutions in which TeamSpeak can be used (for example integrating TeamSpeak in online games).


Q: Who make up the TeamSpeak team?

A: We are just a small team. Ralf and Niels are our coders. Ralf for the server, Niels for the client. Sales and Promotion and all the rest is done by Silke and Wouter. This is the core of TeamSpeak. There are other people contributing on a regular basis to TeamSpeak too (we have an incredible bughunter and a newbie-phobic IRC stalker).