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Server Admin


This function allows the highlighted person to become Server Admin. By default a Server Admin can do ALL things available in TeamSpeak 2. He can give and take away all statusses to everyone (including himself!). Server Admins can create,edit and delete all channels and get full information about all the persons in the server. They can send text to all channels. They have all kick functions at their disposal too and can give persons the right to register with the server (if the server hasn’t got the Allow all to register flag). They can ban persons from a server and move them around channel by drag & dropping a name. When given to a registered user this user will become a permanent SA as long as he logs in with his Login name and password. When given to an unregistered user it will give him SA as long as he is connected to the server. Note that even Server Admins fall under the permission system and that the default settings can be altered.