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Start/Stop Recording


With this function you can record your current session in TeamSpeak. When you want to start your recording a window pops up where you can choose a location and filename for your recording. When you click OK the recording will start and anything said in the channel will be recorded. To see wether you are recording or not, have a look at the lower right section of the client. If you are recording it will show over there. Behind your name there will be a "Rec" flag. When you are done recording you can select Stop Recording in the menu.



The recording is done in wave format, PCM 22 khz mono in 16 bits. This practically means that recording uses 44 KiloBytes per second or about 2.7 MegaByte per minute.The reason we haven’t included a compression method are twofold, legal and technical. Legally we cannot implement mp3 encoding and technically encoding uses a lot of CPU power which could result in serious slowdowns in applications running next to TeamSpeak. In future releases we might include a ogg vorbis encoding solution and serverside recording. Please do not send us mails requesting these features. They will come or they won’t.