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What’s new in RC2?


In the TeamSpeak 2 Release Candidate 2 some things are changed. We have focussed on stability, solving some bugs and added some new features. The new features are the implementation of administrating tools which more clearly assign permissions to the status of people connecting to the server. These permissions are completely managable on the serverside. Server Admins can now ban (instead of just kick) people from the servers and manage a ban list within the client, move players around channels using drag & drop and mute persons. There is a recording feature which allows you to record sessions and save them for playback. We have implemented more statistic features which allow you to monitor bandwidth and traffic of the server and your client. Bandwidth control is now built in with which you can set the maximum bandwidth your client will use (comes in handy for people with low bandwidth connections and need supplemental bandwidth for playing games) and there is a possibility to message people privately on the server you are on.