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What is TS?


TeamSpeak is an application designed to enable people to talk to eachother over the internet. It has a client program and a server program. The client program is needed just to talk to eachother, however in order to do so you need a server to which the clients connect to (a meetingpoint so to say). Although TeamSpeak 2 has a lot of options, don’t be scared to use it. If you want to just talk to your friends you can just connect and talk, it’s really easy! If you are part of a team or clan and you need more advanced functions: TeamSpeak offers a great variety of functions to fine-tune your preferences exactly the way you want it!

Another noteworthy thing to mention is that it is a crossplatform application. There are clients for Linux and Windows as well as servers for Windows and Linux. They are completely cross-compatible.

The application is partly freeware and partly commercial software. For non-commercial uses you are free to do with the application without having to worry about licenses. Commercial users need to buy a license. For more information please look at this section.